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  • Anne Taylor

Why talking is as important as treatment..

Why talking is as important as treatment.. When I am working with clients, I feel talking is very important. When clients come to see me for the first time, I spend a while chatting to them. I am often asked why. As a bodyworker who has numerous skills and techniques to work with, I want to understand your pain and your problem. Every client is different and the way in which pain is impacting you is different. In order for me to treat you for the best possible outcome, I ask my clients to think about their pain, either before they come for the first time ( I often do a summary consultation over the phone and then expand on the information when you come to see me). Talking is key and thinking about your pain is important. Have you listened to your body recently? How long you have had your pain? What type of pain you have? How your pain manifested (gradually or insidiously)? What makes it worse? What makes it better?

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