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  • Anne Taylor

Acute pain v's Chronic pain

🔹I can help you recover from both acute & chronic pain, but first, we need to understand the difference.🔹 Pain can be odd, it can be different each time, it can be contradictory, it can last for seconds or it can last for months. But one thing is happening every time you feel pain, your body is trying to tell your brain that it needs help. To make things a little more complicated, is the fact that acute and chronic pain are very different and require different approaches.⁣ Acute pain - Happens quickly, usually as a result of an event you can point to. Chronic pain - Prolonged, over a matter of weeks, months or years. ⁣ The key thing to remember is that most CHRONIC PAIN BEGINS AS ACUTE PAIN, the faster you take action the better the recovery. If you would like help from me, I can relieve your pain in the shortest possible time, working with you to provide therapy at my practice, plus recovery and home exercises advice.

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