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Filling Your Cup

What fills your cup? Is this something you even know about yourself, or something you need to discover? Simply put, filling your cup means replenishing those stores of mental, emotional, and physical energy and recharging your batteries ( How this is done, though, is completely unique to you.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Taking a hot bath/shower

  2. Laughing/hanging out with a friend

  3. Time alone undisturbed

  4. Reading

  5. A holiday abroad/staycation

  6. Long walks

  7. Spending time with your children/family

  8. Watching a sunrise/sunset

  9. Cleaning/decluttering your home

  10. Cooking/baking

  11. Meditation

  12. Getting creative

  13. Spending time outdoors

  14. Taking a break from tech

  15. Exercise

So, if you know what fills your cup, do more of it! And if you don't know, try a few of these and see which work for you.😊

Take care,

Anne x


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