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  • Anne Taylor

Changing the way we work!

Recently we have all had to change the way we work, and we have had to do it quickly and without much time to prep. Rather than office desks and chairs, most people are having to choose between sofas, beds, kitchen tables or the floor, moving less than ever before in smaller spaces. And this could have an impact on our bodies. Some simple tips that could help you ; 1-Get a keyboard and mouse: The worst posture issues will come from hunching over a laptop. Getting a keyboard and a mouse is the most important investment that people can do to immediately improve their work environment, experts have said.

2-Make your own laptop stand: If you are working on a kitchen or dining room table, one of the most important things you can do is elevate your laptop so that the top of the monitor is at eye level. If you don’t have a keyboard and a mouse to rely on and still need to type, try angling a lever-arch file or a chopping board on top of a book to use as a ramp for your laptop. If you don’t have a table at all, make sure that you change the place that you work. Experts recommend standing up and working at a kitchen counter, or even using an ironing board at standing level (propped against the wall) to mix things up. Sitting on the floor and putting your laptop on a sofa or coffee table is also an option. 3-Move around every half an hour: It is more important than ever for you to move your body around every half an hour. Stretch your arms towards the sky and to the sides. Every hour, try laying with flat on the ground and your legs at a 90 degree angle to stretch the muscles in your back. Walk around while you’re on the phone if you can, and run up and down stairs if you have them. 4- Whatever you do, try not to work on your sofa: Your sofa is the worst place for you to work for a prolonged period of time. Not only will your posture immediately worsen, the perception of comfort can stop you from moving around as much. If you have to work on a sofa, set a timer so that you remind yourself to get up and walk around regularly. Hope these tips help! Credit to WIRED for elements of this post

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