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How Many Minutes Do You Move?

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If you watched the news yesterday you would have learned that 6 million middle aged people don’t move enough. Four out of ten adults aged 40 to 60 were found to walk less than 10 minutes once a month! People are not moving enough and one of the easiest ways of moving is walking. Walking can be a very good exercise. It can improve your health, fitness and weight loss. You can walk the dog, walk in the park or walk round your neighbourhood. Walking at an easy pace helps keep you active and you can gain benefits.

  • Walking helps burn fat promoting weight loss.

  • Walking is good for health benefits reducing the risk of some health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, dementia and osteoporosis.

  • Walking boosts vitamin D, helps you have more energy, feeling more alert and alive.

  • Walking releases the feel-good endorphins reducing stress and anxiety.

So, how do you start?

Go for a walk taking 5 minutes and walking back for 5 minutes. Build up the time slowly by adding one or two minutes every 2-3 days.After a while you’ll soon notice you are walking longer and enjoying getting out and about feeling more relaxed and gaining positive health benefits.If you do have serious conditions it would be advisable to get checked by your GP or Health Advisor before beginning any exercise.

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