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  • Anne Taylor

I am sorry to have to post this message.

I am sorry to have to post this message. But after careful consideration and advice from the government. I am ceasing face to face appointments temporarily. I am heartbroken, my clients are my life, and I know that the services all therapists provide are very important to our clients. However, I must place the safety of all my clients first. As an ex-nurse, I am torn between knowing that my services are needed, but also placing health and safety first. I will still be on hand to provide any help I can remotely. I will do my utmost to answer any questions and queries, and over the coming days and weeks, I will be providing some guidance on exercises and things you are able to do in your own home to stay mobile and reduce pain. I also want to extend my thanks to all my clients who have supported me in recent years and I will be back in practice just as soon as I am able. In the meantime, another thank you to all the emergency workers, key workers, and helpers that are keeping us all going. My thanks go out to you all.

Stay in touch everyone

Anne x

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