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  • Anne Taylor

Scar Work

Scar Work - treatment program launched. Why your scar could be connected to a different pain.

Do you have a scar you would like to reduce the appearance of? Following surgery do you have restricted movement, more pain, stiffness? That could all be related to your scar, when we open up the body, let's think about a cesarian section for example when the body is operated on, it is damaged, no matter how great the medical care, it is unavoidable, the makeup of the tissue structure changes. And your body heals the wound and scars. All part of the natural healing process. But with that healing, later some reduced movement, stiffness, aches, pain and yet not always near the site of any scar. Bad backs or sore hips or legs, often an issue in ladies who have undergone cesarian sections. But why? The muscles will knit back together as best it can, but the body has been in distress, trauma at times and the muscles has been nipped, tucked and often is tightened as a result. We need to work on that together, we need to heal your scarring not just on the outside, by making it look less prominent, but we need to heal it from the inside too... and this course of treatment will do that for you... 3 x 90 mins sessions, over 3 weeks will provide relief and healing.. contact me for details.

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