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  • Anne Taylor

Scar Work

Scar Work - Why it is important to understand where your pain could be coming from.

One of the skills I provide to my clients is Scar Work, I am qualified in this area of specialism using the Sharon Wheeler technique.

Clients can often come to me, years after accidents, injuries or operations, some may suffer things like pain in the scar area, others may have a loss of feeling (numbness) and others may have restricted mobility. Most clients don't always make the connection between the scarring and the issue. Some scars can affect areas of the body that seem totally unrelated to the site of the scar. I can help to reduce the scar itself, and minimise the pain, discomfort or lack of movement as a result.

This specialised therapy which is light and effective, is aimed at integrating scars and adhesions into the body and to improve integrity and mobility, reducing discomfort and improving the appearance of scars.

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