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How the Covid changes affect my clients

It's been such a difficult time for everyone but now restrictions have been lifted.

In terms of how the changes affect my clients, there will be no real change for the time being.

I will continue to make your safety and comfort my priority.

I will ensure I'm following all the correct guidelines, adhering to good cleaning and ventilation practices, and I will continue to wear a mask/visor during close-contact treatment.

As always, I am here to chat through any requirements or questions you might have.

Anne Taylor Morecambe pain massage
I will continue to respect your safety

Please drop me a message or a call on 07525 448771.


I would love it if you could find the time to leave me a Facebook review, like Annabel!

Thank you Annabel. You are a great client following my advice which goes a long way to your improvement.

She wrote: "I have had two sessions with Anne to deal with pain in my neck and shoulders and she has worked wonders!

"I have suffered with niggles for years and she has achieved massive improvements for me. I would definitely recommend Anne."

Anne Taylor Morecambe pain massage
Thank you to Annabel!

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