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Taking time to rest and reflect

Do you take time out of life to go and have some time to rest and reflect?

It’s a big part of my self-care. I have always gone on holiday on my own, usually abroad, but this year has been a bit different. I am planning to be staying in the UK to see some of our beautiful places and countryside.

I visited Anglesey and Holyhead (see photo) recently to get away from it all. My next trip is in October and I am planning to stay in a cottage in September.

What are your plans?

Holyhead Anne Taylor Morecambe massagetherapist
I visited Holyhead recently to get away from it all


If you are living with, or recovering from, cancer, I can help you with relaxation as a complement to your treatment and recovery.

I am always here if you need me, to provide a listening ear, and to talk through the assistance I can offer.
Cancer Anne Taylor Morecambe massagetherapist
I can help you if you are living with cancer


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