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Anne Taylor's Approach To Treating Your Pain

You may be used to some of the popular forms of pain management, such as medication and physiotherapy. But if these approaches don't work for you, what do you do next? My approach is an in-depth process that allows me to treat you, the person, as well as the pain.

1. Initial consultation

Everyone is different; that's why each treatment is bespoke to you. To gain a full understanding of your symptoms and condition, I will discuss your complaint in detail.

This will include questions about your health and lifestyle as well as about your pain.

Your body language can also give off more than you think. I observe your body language and facial expressions just as much as assessing your pain to see as the whole person and not just as a product of your pain.

2. Joint assessment

Once your consultation is completed, I will begin the assessment. Your limbs will be taken through a specific range of movements for your joints. Doing this will allow me to assess if your complaint is due to a joint, ligament or muscle problem.

You may need to change into your shorts or a sports top as this will make it easier for me to go through the active, passive and resisted joint assessment.

3. Treatment

Once your assessment is complete, I will use advanced massage techniques to treat your pain or condition.

These can include:

  • Myofascial Release

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Trigger Point Work

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • Sports Massage

Due to my thorough assessment, I will know what techniques to use to help reduce your pain.

4. Homecare advice

Although your treatment may be finished, my homecare advice is just as important to continue on the road to recovery. It can consist of strengthening and balance exercises as well as stretches. It forms an integral part of the overall treatment, and I emphasise this to my clients.

Don't live with pain, get in touch today.

- 07525 448 771

Anne x

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