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Kind Words From A Happy Client

It's not often I'm brought to tears, but knowing that I helped my clients in more ways than one is a feeling you can't compare!

"One of the most wonderful moments when you're not only listened to but understood.

When everybody tells you you're fine or they don't know what the pain could be... 'You've got three kids; you're bound to be tired,' is a standard response... helping nothing!

But then Anne uses such gentle touches and can relate to your pain, empathises with you and then helps you! The last time I went, I lay there and said, 'so I'm not making it up then?'

A sad state to question what you feel, but Anne helped me process it all in my head and understand why I thought that as well as ease my pain.❤️" - Gemma Wilde, recent client

Helping my clients reduce their pain and improve their quality of life is my main goal with any treatment. Pain can be debilitating and can stop us from living our normal lives. So don't carry your pain around by dulling it with pain killers.

The earlier you treat pain, the quicker you can get back to your old self.

Improve your quality of life today with me, Anne Taylor.

Call now: 07525 448 771

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