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Jenny Burrell: 'The deepest level of selfcare'

Throughout my recent visit to Queensberry Bay, I made time to listen to the new Jenny Burrell lectures.

Selfcare has always been a huge part of my treatment approach, and personally, for myself.

In the lecture, she talks about doing our own deep healing, prioritising ourselves, nourishing ourselves and putting ourselves first.

Jenny talks a lot about our Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems and what has happened to them over the last 2 years. Our nervous systems are an incredible thing!

When the Sympathetic nervous system is triggered, our bodies stay in a state of alertness as a coping mechanism to mental and environmental stressors. It is then the job of the Parasympathetic nervous system to restore the body to a state of calm through the practice of relaxation techniques such as selfcare.

I know I do go on about selfcare to my clients, but the lecture explained a different, intense type of selfcare. It prioritises healing, nourishing, replenishing and putting ourselves first:

'We must befriend ourselves like never before.'

'We must nurture, nourish and put ourselves first.'

'We must have a deeper connection to ourselves.'

'We need to speak the truth to ourselves.'

After listening to these lectures, I'm going to take the time to listen to the authority, intelligence and wisdom of my body.

And I invite you all to try it out with me!

Let me know how you get on.

Anne x


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