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Reflection; With Anne Taylor

Self-reflection (also known as introspection), is the ability to evaluate our own cognitive, emotional and behavioural processes (Source: Wikipedia).

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Reflection, along with grounding, are mindfulness techniques. Grounding is a practice that has helped both my clients, me as a therapist and me as a person.

Taking the time to just be still and connect with the Earth allows me to pull on the Earth's energy to help me cleanse my energy.

Grounding also allows me to help my clients in releasing any bad energy, dispelling what isn't working for them and providing more positive energy, enabling the body to be open to healing.

Morecambe Bay, home of Anne Taylor, local business, nature, sea air

Living in Morecambe, surrounded by the beautiful bay definitely helps in the process of grounding, as the connection to nature helps to clear my head ready for reflection.

Both grounding and reflection allow us to be in the moment, think about our present while evaluating our past. This helps us to realise what works for us and what we need to change so that we can make goals to live better, healthier lifestyles.

grounding, reflection, introspection, mindfulness, quote

Practising reflection or grounding can also be a goal in itself!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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