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Taking Time to Think - With Anne Taylor

How often do you just stop... and take some time out. Can you remember?

Can you remember the last time you had a break, a lazy day on the sofa, or a weekend doing nothing?

It's all about listening to your body, resting when you need to, taking a step back and having a moment just to focus on the present.

We need to do what is best for us so that we can be there for those that we love. So here are a few points to get you thinking about your wellbeing:

  1. Am I taking on too much?

  2. Do I need to reduce commitments?

  3. Do I need to reduce the energy out & focus on energy in?

  4. Do I need to let some of the spinning plates smash?

When we bring our attention to rest, it allows us to see our situation from a different perspective to get an objective view and make informed decisions.

This stops stress (however big or small) from overwhelming us, so we have the energy to carry on with life.

So maybe think about it in this way; is it really a lazy day if it gave you back the energy you needed?

Let me know your thoughts,

Anne x

Get in touch today: 07525 448 771

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