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Stop Holding On To What Hurts...

Anne Taylor, Clinical Massage Therapist, Don't hang onto pain

I always say, 'the most important part of treatment is you, so I begin with you.'

It is because of this focus on my client that I also say, 'DON'T HOLD ONTO IT!'

Holding onto and bearing pain allows it more time to become chronic, which is harder to heal than acute pain. Dulling pain with pain killers or other medication is also never the answer!

Anne Taylor, Morecambe Bay, quote, Body, healing

Our bodies are much more clever than we think. They have an incredible capacity to heal themselves but sometimes just need a helping hand. This means providing a safe and relaxing space with experienced, light hands to guide it.

This is where I come in.

Get in touch today to find out how I could help reduce your pain faster.

Anne x

Call: 07525 448 771


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