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Body language & intuition

It's not just pain that tells the story. Your body language can give off more than you think.

Anne Taylor, pain, mental health, physical pain, massage therapist

Intuition: A thing that one knows or considers likely from an instinctive feeling.

Being intuitive is a huge part of how I work. From the first consultation, I am able to notice small things about a person that others might not.

I am able to use my intuition to see the person as a whole and not just as their pain.

I observe your body language and facial expressions just as much as assessing your pain.

This is what's called a holistic approach. The mind and body are inextricably linked, therefore, I believe in observing the person as a whole, rather than reducing them into separate components.

Anne Taylor, stress, trauma, body language

If one is impacted, so is the other, and so pain can also be expressed as a symptom of ill mental health such as trauma or stress.

I treat the body using only light touch to help YOU heal as well as your pain.

Anne x

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