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  • Anne Taylor

4 Tips to Prevent Overwhelm

The truth is... you can't avoid stress. The symptoms of stress is your body dealing with the situation the only way it knows how; through fight or flight.

These are automatic, physiological reactions to an event perceived as harmful.

It can include common symptoms of stress such as muscle tension and headaches.

However, there are ways in which we can control these reactions to prevent us from becoming overwhelmed with stress:

1. Exercise

Outdoors would be best, but getting your body moving is the main goal. No aggressive workout routine; start slow and work your way up.

2. Taking a moment

Taking time out just to be still, to think (or not to think), being present in the moment and finding calmness within.

3. Celebrate small wins

However small, celebrating your accomplishments and practising gratitude can really bring things into perspective and reminds us that stress comes and goes, knowing you will get through this one step at a time.

4. Setting goals

Daily, weekly or monthly goals can help us see the bigger picture. Whether it is to do a 10-minute walk every day or reduce your screen time, small steps make a significant impact!

So next time you start to feel overwhelmed, try these out and see how you get on.

These tips can also be practised on a daily basis to help you keep a calm mind so you can deal with stress easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Anne x

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