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Why Do We Get Pain?

People think of pain as 'bad'; something you want to get rid of and never feel again.

But the truth about pain is that it keeps us safe. In a physical sense, it stops us from hurting ourselves and reminds us that that particular thing is not good for our bodies.

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For example, imagine you were to touch a fire that burned your skin. Pain is the indicator that this thing is harmful, and therefore we stop touching it. In this way, pain protects us from harm, and we are reminded not to touch a fire the next time.

However, pain can also be an indicator of poor mental health. We know that stress, anxiety or depression can manifest physically through aches, pains, strains and problems with sleep.

acute pain, chronic pain, 6 weeks plus

In this way, pain can be our body's way of telling us it needs help through relaxation, medicine or extra support. Ignoring pain can lead to long term problems. By holding onto pain, you risk it becoming chronic, making it harder to heal.

Listen to the pain and listen to your body. It's telling you something is not right, and if you want to get back to your old self, you must take steps to help it heal.

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