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Staying Well This Summer: With Anne Taylor

Summer is the season that people look forward to all year round. Whether it's the longer days, good weather or the summer holidays, we all have something we love about summer.

And it may be because of this relaxed approach that we sometimes forget to take better care of ourselves during the summer months.

You may not realise it, but some conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Migraines can get worse in the heat. So to help you stay well this summer, I thought I'd share a few tips!

Staying hydrated

With the heat the UK has received this summer, it doesn't take much to realise you need to increase your fluid intake. If you find yourself saying 'I feel thirsty' (and I put my hands up to this!), it's too late; you're already dehydrated.

So this is your reminder to DRINK SOME WATER! Your body will thank you for it. One way to tell would be by the colour of your wee! If you've had enough water, your wee should be light yellow to clear.

Make the most of the long days

Getting up earlier to catch the sunrise or going for a short morning walk are all ways to keep your body energised and in tune with nature. As Andrew Huberman PhD says, "the transition from dim to bright light induces an immediate elevation of cortisol levels.

This is a healthy, alertness, focus and immune enhancing cortisol effect."

Going tech-free

We all know that a little less time on our phones would do us good. Many of us also use computers and other tech at work which makes our time away from it precious.

Going tech-free, even for just a few more hours a day, can help us sleep better, improve posture and reduce eye strain. So let's make it a goal to lower our screen time this summer.

Ditch the sofa

Switching the sofa for a picnic blanket, outdoor hammock, or beach has many benefits. Returning to nature and spending time outside can help improve your focus, get more vitamin D, socialise and reduce anxiety.

An easy way to go about it is to do what you would usually do inside, e.g. read a book or chat with friends, and bring it outdoors.

Take up these tips and you'll be in for a smashing summer!

Take care,

Anne x

07525 448 771

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