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What is the Sacrum?

Nestled between your hip bones, the sacrum is crucial for supporting your upper body and ensuring smooth movement. When it's troubled, pain can spread to your hips and legs, which can become a domino effect of pain.

Named by the ancient Greeks and Romans as 'the sacred bone', the sacrum is known to be a passage for energy to flow, feeding our creativity and overall enjoyment of life. It also acts as a shield that protects the nerves of the lower back and, together with the hip bones and coccyx, the sacrum forms the pelvis, which surrounds the bladder, colon, reproductive organs, and rectum.

Through my craniosacral therapy methods, I gently engage with key points including your head and lower back to align with your body's natural rhythms. This technique promotes deep relaxation and healing from within, aiming to restore your sense of well-being and reconnect you with your body's balance.

To find out more about my craniosacral work, get in touch on 07525 448771 or follow me on my social media:

Take Care,

Anne x


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