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10 Eye-opening Quotes by Dr Perry Nickelston

You may know that Dr Perry Nickelston, from Stop Chasing Pain, is a huge inspiration of mine. He is a Chiropractic Physician with a primary focus on treating chronic pain and inflammation via the lymphatic and vascular systems. I've followed him for years, been on his courses, and I am just astounded by his knowledge and approach to treating pain.

So here are a few of my most favourite quotes from Dr Perry Nickelston that I hope you find to be eye-opening!

1) "No system in the body ever works alone. Never gets injured alone. Never heals alone."

2) "There is no such thing as an isolated injury. There is no such thing as isolated healing."

3) "Isolation is healing quicksand."

4) "Nerves need blood flow and waste management. Arteries. Veins. Lymph does that."

5) "Effective things don’t have to be complicated. Basics and fundamentals always make you more resilient."

6) "Walking. The creamy filling of sleep."

7) "Things hurt when they can’t get oxygen. How does oxygen get anywhere? Blood. Without it, you don’t heal. That’s kind of a big deal. Now imagine you have it but not enough over time."

8) "Tight tissue doesn’t accept blood flow well."

9) "Instead of doing 500 reps of the exercise of the day, take some time to own your breathing. Your nervous system will thank you."

10) "Systems are like spider webs. Touch one part, the whole web feels it."

You can follow Dr Perry Nickelston on:

Instagram: @stopchasingpain

Linkedin: @perrynickelston

Take care,

Anne x

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