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Knowing What You Need Through My Expertise

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching."

Anne Taylor, clinical massage therapist, specialist, expert, reduce pain, sports injuries
Anne Taylor, Specialist

After 24+ years of working with sports injuries, you may think that I would know everything there is to know. But the truth is that the real experts are constantly learning so that they can improve and offer their clients a better experience.

But it is also through my experience of working closely with my clients and taking a holistic approach that I can use my intuition to know what it is they need from me.


The most important part of treatment is you, so I begin with you. Whether on the phone or in person, I ensure we have a thorough conversation when we first meet.

anne taylor clinical massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, trogger point work
Advanced Clinical Massage

I want to know about your general health, symptoms, allergies, medication and the length of your pain.

I have an extensive list of qualifications and training courses that allow me to give my clients a bespoke treatment that is not only specific to their condition but to them. This includes the homecare exercises and advice to aid in the healing process.

Together we can begin to reduce your pain, faster.

Get in touch today: 07525 448 771

anne taylor, morecambe bay, self care, relaxation, take it slow
Anne Taylor, Clinical Massage Therapist

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