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Prioritising Rest To Live Well

Rest is an often overlooked yet essential part of life. It should be seen as just as important and productive a pursuit as work. In this day and age, rest has become somewhat of an art form to master, with new and exciting techniques to try.

What we must remember is, taking the time to rest can have many benefits, including improved concentration and better overall health. The key is to ensure that rest works in harmony with work rather than detracting from it.

Simply put, incorporating rest into your daily routine can make you more productive. Yes, you heard that right! And no, this is not new information; rest just gets a bad rep in our culture and society, making us believe that the opposite is true.

Max Frenzel, AI Researcher and writer, states, “Excellent work, particularly of the creative and innovative kind, needs rest and relaxation just as much as it requires time actively engaged in work. When we rest, our brain is busy consolidating memories and quietly searching for solutions to problems we encounter.” (Source: Trello)

Without rest, our bodies and minds are unable to perform optimally, leading us to exhaustion and lack of motivation, which is why it is so important to reshape our thinking about rest. Fixing this relationship is essential to the goal to live well.

Start prioritising rest this weekend,

Anne x


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